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New Roots Landscaping services are organic, earth-friendly, and can include custom stonework, new garden plumbing, gutter installation, iron work, patios, walkways, tree-trimming, arbors, trellises, fountains, and more! Contact us today for a free consultation.


Since 1996, New Roots Landscaping has created landscapes for Houston residents using local plant knowledge and superior design skills. By combining your vision with our expertise, we’ll implement a design that will only improve over time and make your yard the talk of the town.

We’ll incorporate hard and softscape elements into your design, such as irrigation and sprinkler systems, water features, trellises and stonework, so you'll have a well-rounded landscape.

New Roots Landscaping in Houston focuses on using organic materials and environmentally friendly practices that promote a healthy and chemical-free landscape. We resolve to only use chemicals when absolutely necessary.
"Great organic landscaping company. They have always been very responsive to questions and concerns and were able to develop a beautiful landscaping plan based on my very vague criteria."
- Natasha L.
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We offer earth-friendly organic practices, relaxing water features, custom stonework, and other specialties! Call New Roots Landscaping in Houston, TX, today for transformative services that will turn your neighbors' heads.



When April Cohen, an interior designer and former restaurant owner, met Jim Ruzicka, he ran a machine shop in North Houston.

It was a stressful job, so to relieve stress, I grew and propagated plants in my backyard. After a few years, I wound up with a whole lot of plants.
Met Jim Ruzika - landscape design in Houston, TX
Jim frequented April's Heart and Soul Café, often teasing her about trading plants for meals. One day, she decided to drop by and was astonished by what she saw – hundreds of plants filled his backyard. April suggested selling them, so they made 19 signs and posted them throughout the neighborhood.

She asked me what I was going to do with all of those plants, and I said I didn't know!

April suggested selling them, so they made 19 signs and posted them throughout the neighborhood.

It was so much fun. We sold every plant in a single day.

What began as a hobby soon grew into a thriving business. With her knowledge of decorating and design and his knowledge and love of plants, Jim and April made the perfect team.